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Our Mission
Our mission is to celebrate dogs and cats by providing a home away from home in which they are respected and loved. Our family and dedicated staff commit to providing the highest level of care to all of our guests. We make your family member comfortable in a safe and sanitary environment. Combining our expertise, knowledge, compassion and nurturing, we strive to make your pet's stay memorable. We appreciate the opportunity to care for your loved pets.

Ken & Mary

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Our History
In the 1950's, we lived on the north side of 114th and Dodge behind the Golden Spike Theatre where my parents opened a dog kennel called "Tuckaway"; I always loved that name! In 1956 they opened up a pet shop in the Beverly Hills Plaza shopping center located at 76th and Dodge called "This N' That For Pets". My parents wanted to be closer to the shop so we moved to town. At that time, we were the second pet shop in the Omaha area.

Mom had learned to groom in the early 1950's and brought this experience with her. She taught many to groom as years went on which included my grandmother, my brother and two of my cousins. We sold a variety of animals including: birds, fish, turtles, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and only a few mixed puppies. Mom disliked living in town so country here we come!! It seemed so far but Mom was in heaven!

Despite the move, she still wanted to care for pets where she lived. This is how Clearview Pet Care Centre was first introduced to Omaha. The name came from the Clearview Assisted Living Home which was to our east. The view around us was spectaular with the rolling hills and open fields. We started out with seven indoor and outdoor areas. Dad would transport the pets in his station wagon from the pet centre to the city due to the distance for our clientele. We have since evolved this into the ultimate amenity, a pet limousine service.

As Omaha grew so did we. The true success of my parents lay in the care of animals and their families, which was a constant passion of theirs. My parents took tender care of their family, which was very clear in their business as well and continues to be true to this day. They were always driven by strong values of duty, integrity and of course extreme organization which we all follow today. Now in our third generation, we maintain a successful business still run by their family.