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Our pet friendly, fun loving and experienced staff at Clearview Pet Care Centre can find just the right toy, play the right game or lead your pet on a nature filled hike. Our professional experience has shown that active and happy pets are healthy pets--especially when they're away from home. Puppies, active adults and seniors all benefit from regular interaction and activity.

While visiting, our pet guests can choose from a variety of activities that provide exercise, socialization, private time with staff, pampering in the salon, and just plain fun!

Some of our Fun Activities Include

    Individual Playtime or Pampering - with one of our staff focused on what your dog loves to do. Fetch, Frisbee, splash time, cuddles. Your dog is sure to have a blast!

    Group Play - dogs who are social and play well with other dogs can have a blast in our safe and supervised group play sessions.

    Business Walks - an extra trip to the outdoor elimination area for our canine friends who prefer additional potty breaks.

    Story time and Tuck ins - just like at home-the ultimate pampering! One of our staff gets the fun job of cuddling your pet, reading a bedtime story, and preparing your pet for a quiet and peaceful night of rest.

    Homemade Yummy Treats - what fun-Delicious, home-made treats to give your pet a great midday break.

    Bathing & Grooming - treat your pampered pooch to a refreshing bath and brush, nail trim, shed control or a full grooming and styling appointment in our Grooming Spa.